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We carry a wide variety of equipment that can be used for training. Equipment rental also available, please refer to this page for more information.

AED Trainers


mini AED Trainer
The XFT-D0009 Mini AED Trainer is designed to effectively train emergency responders in the use of an AED device. This training unit help responders became familiar with an AED and allows them to demonstrate the basic skills necessary to use an AED in an emergency.
Most AED trainers are large and heavy. When transporting equipment to a training site, this can become a problem. The Mini AED Trainer is truly small and lightweight. You can carry 5 or 6 Mini AED Trainers in the space it takes to transport one regular trainer. Also, AED trainers regularly cost between $200-$700, the Mini ones are less expensive. The unit is about the size of a smart phone. So instead of filling up a van for training, you can carry a dozen of these units in a book bag.


No high-voltage capabilities, ensuring safety during training
Comply with the latest ECC and AHA Guideline
The device has voice prompts and LED indication during the two minutes CPR pause time.
A reusable set of adult and a set of pediatric pads are included
Truly small and light weight, and it’s easy to transport
Requires 2 AAA batteries


1 Box
1 Wire Connector
1 Operating Instructions
1 Mini AED Training Device
1 Set of Adult Pads with Connectors
1 Set of Child Pads with Connectors

Price: $49.95 + GST

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1 Main Body AED
1 Remote Control
1 Plug-in Card (in English & French)
3 Adult Training Pads
2 Child Training Pads
2 Wire Connectors
1 Instruction Manual (in English)
1 Storage Bag
1 Adapter

AED Trainer with Replaceable Language/Scenario Card New (in English & French)
A replaceable language/scenario card included. Users can plug in scenario cards separately when guidelines change!

* It is completely compliant with ILCOR 2005 new guidelines and preconfigured with 8 training scenarios that simulate realistic sudden cardiac arrest episodes.

* There are 2 different connectors (yellow & pink). Both of these two connectors can give responses to check if the pad connection is firm or poor.

* It includes the DC and AUDIO interfaces. The user can connect the adapter (XFT AED Trainer can be operated by batteries or by using the adapter). You can also use the AUDIO OUT to connect the trainer to speakers. It is very helpful for instructors during teaching.

*It can be set to bilingual. (English or French).

Price: $135.00 + GST


Replacement Pads

Adults: $7 + GST each | or 5 for $30 + GST
Child: $7 + GST each | or 5 for $30 + GST

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Airway Head Section Model

Head Section Model
The Airway Head Section Model is a movable plastic head model that is identical in size to that of an average person.As a result, it can be used to learn first aid skills more efficiently and realistically.

Skills that can be demonstrated:

Differentiate an open and an obstructed airway
Perform a head tilt, chin lift or a jaw thrust

1 – 3 4 – 6 7+
$35.00 $31.00 $27.00

Order 1 today to enhance your student’s learning experience.

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We also carry a full line of first aid supplies that can be used for training (e.g. Linen Triangular Bandages, Pocket Masks, Gauze, etc.).

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